Be part of a growing NFT ecosystem.


To receive the daily token airdrop, The Legion will have a staking structure in place.
Stake your NFT to get the token airdrop daily. Spend $ESTR in 1 of our webshops or cash out in USDC or SOL. Spend your token for Raffles, Auctions, & Mystery Boxes.
  • Tokens can be used to purchase NFTs in the raffles
  • Tokens can be staked for liquidity mining rewards
  • Tokens can be used for governance of the platform, allowing token holders to vote on proposals for the development of the project.
  • Tokens can be used for the merch.
  • Cash the tokens out to USDC or SOL
The following stakeholder groups will be allocated: ⦁ TEAM ⦁ NFT HOLDERS ⦁ LIQUIDITY POOL AND TREASURY ⦁ OUR COMMUNITY
$ESTR will be used to fuel the MOAI MADNESS Ecosystem through various means including Staking, Airdrops, Web2 business partnerships, Auctions, Merchandising and other methods.
66% of our NET profits will be pooled and distributed among our stakeholders.
Tokenomics & Distribution: -The maximum supply of $ESTR is 6.900.000 tokens. -The daily issuance rate of $ESTR is 5 tokens.
• 40% of the total supply (2.760.000 $ESTR) is allocated to the staking reserve. • 10% of the total supply (690.000 $ESTR) is allocated to the team reserve. • 50% of the total supply (3.450.000 $ESTR) is allocated to the Open Market, Community Development, and can be utilized for Community Giveaways & Raffles, or partially be distributed to future sub-DAO’s as needed, or other purposes like Marketing and R&D. The project will use a portion of its revenue to buy back and burn tokens on the open market. This will help to increase the value of remaining tokens by decreasing the overall supply.