Not EVIL, just MAD! We were your average geniuses, ready to be recognized by the world. Whatever we did, however hard we tried, they dismissed us! So we said screw it!!! If these people do not want us to light their lives and build a bright future, we will do so without their assistance! Where did those massive Monsters come from? So we said we'd do it ourselves... But sort of! As you can see, we needed assistance in order to construct science! We wanted to build a town where everything is focused on technological advancement! But when we put our cool gadgets on the big moai statue on that island to make it like an obidiant building machine, it resisted! and decided to travel all over the ocean and attack the cities!!! The Demon Moai has risen! The very first moai titan! He is known as the Moai Demon Lord! It didn't just rampage through the city like a crazed Godzilla; it was smart because we designed it to be smart! But we didn't realize it would build an army out of whatever he found along the way!!! Was that a mistake? Perhaps not? We didn't want to rule the world; we just wanted to do some crazy crazy shit, but we felt responsible for what happened to all those cities. With humanity on its knees, we needed a new ray of hope, a new army! So our new crazy investigation begins! Clever apes! What is the nearest relative of man? Apes, yes? With those people serving as moais slaves, we couldn't muster an army! So we made the decision to experiment on gorillas! We equipped them with knowledge and weapons for the forthcoming conflict! A new battle begins! Will the apes therefore save humanity, or did we receive what we deserved? TO BE CONTINUED.....🗿

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