Our team consists of : 2 Mad scientist: Also known as the founders and artists. 1 Supervisor: Managing workflow, Training new hires, Evaluating performance, Identifying and ⦁ applying career advancement opportunities. 4 Coreteam: Our Core Team is composed of several subject matter experts who are led by the core team manager to work on a particular project. These experts co-operate to find solutions for the project implementation, keeping their manager informed about the decisions they make as well as the potential associated risks 2 Community managers: Responsible for building and maintaining a brand's community. X Collabmanagers: A team of managers or supervisors work together with their employees to ensure the success of an organization. X Moderators: Moderators are responsible for the facilitation, review, and guidance of a discussion or a debate and its related interactions. This collection is originated from 1 artist and 1 co-artist.(MAD SCIENTIST)

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