Frequently Asked Questions

Suplly:5555 ⦁ Mint:TBA ⦁ Price:TBA ⦁ Advantage of being OG and WL: OG Tribe benefits: * OG’s are allowed to have a maximum of 2 mints * OG's will have a discount on the mint * OG discounts will be up to 20% for our Moai Merch * OG’s will receive an early Airdrop of $ESTR Coin * OG’s will stand out between all the other Moai’s * OG’s will benefit from a lifetime VIP ticket * Guaranteed White List for the Gen2 Survivor Apes

Moai Madlist benefits: * Guaranteed mint * Access to the majority of our offerings, but will not have the same level of exclusivity and priority as OG members How to get a OG or Whitelist: ⦁ Play our games and enter our giveways on Discord and Twitter. ⦁ Boost the server ⦁ Collaboration with your project or DAO. ⦁ Raid our tweets ⦁ Be active in chat and be kind and helpful. ⦁ Show us your creative memes and Moai fan art or suprise us with something you can accomplish on Twitter.

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